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2012 marks our 10th anniversary: Almaz Informatique SA was founded 10 years ago by CEO Antoine Ghosn in Lausanne.

who we are

A small company, and we like to keep it that way! Founded in 2002, we are a tight group of passionate and experienced engineers, helping clients deliver software projects and define long-term IT strategies. Our size allows us to keep a close relationship with the clients, no overhead or bad surprises.

what we do

Software, especially middleware and integration, is our core competence. We can accompany you starting with the analysis phase, through architecture and development, right up to delivery and operation management. And since we’re real engineers, we can also audit your code, or put in place a continuous integration process.

how we do it

We’re at home with the Java ecosystem, whether it’s a heavyweight application server, a light web framework or just a different JVM language. You’ll see results every few weeks, we like to keep our iterations short, for maximum flexibility and control.



contact us

where to find us

Antoine Ghosn, CEO
AlmaZ Informatique SA
World Trade Center, Av. de Gratta-Paille 1-2
1000 Lausanne
Tel +41 21 803 44 83
Fax +41 21 803 44 82